Modular and Expandable Metal Prefabricated

Modular and Expandable Metal Prefabricated

If you need a company with great experience in the production of modular and expandable metal prefabricated, entrusted to Techno-Container.

The large family of prefabricated units can be summarized in three main categories: prefabricated concrete or agglomerated, wooden ones and metal prefabricated. For all these prefabs, the starting point is always the same and originates from the very concept of prefabrication: pre-assemble the individual elements in the plant, as much as possible finished, which must then be assembled and terminated at destination, with great advantages in terms of time and, therefore, economic. We are specialized in the production of metal prefabricated, modular and expandable.

Custom Metal Prefabs

In metal prefabricated buildings the entire structure is made of metal: mainly iron and steel. And if at the beginning boxes and metal prefabricated buildings provided for the use of simple sheet metal, today, thanks to the development and experience of the Techno-Container, the main element of prefabricated metal is the sandwich panel, so named because, just like a panino, is composed of two layers of sheet metal that enclose a layer of insulating material, usually polyurethane or mineral wool, which in addition to increasing the insulation with the exterior gives structure and solidity. Outside it is possible to create numerous shapes and surfaces, through the use of particular profiles that can include openings, doors and hatches, windows and any type of finish and the possibility of joining or composing more metal prefabs, creating even complex and suitable structures at each use.

Even in the interior every modular and expandable prefabricated metal can be developed at will, adding or removing walls, windows, accessories, so as to obtain spaces that fully meet the needs. Depending on the needs, then, all metal prefabs can be completed with an electrical system, water system, toilets and heating / air conditioning.

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